e8 instrumental

Baby ive been thinkin bout you all night long

why dont you call in sick, take the day off

and forget about the world just come kick it with your girl

we can rent a movie

or we can make a movie

order chinese food and smoke a lil doobie

you know how we do

break a couple rules

{{{{{And forget about the world just come kick it with your girl

cuz baby we gon have some fun tonight 

we gon have some fun tonight

we gon have some fun tonight}}}}}}}

baby, i know the stress

makes you  go crazy

 but forget about the world

the worlds a blur

when i am in your arms

(nothing mattters at all )

[hook] justforget/and come

i just want to feel your love

wanna feel your touch 

right when i wake up 

wish we’d do this everyday 

forget what they say 

lets just have a day

just a little break 

from the troubles of the world

its just us against the world

so forget about the world..hook x2

[just forget / and come kick it ]]

just take a ride n come on over

dont waste no time

 need your body next to mine tonight

[v4 repeat ]forget what they say 

lets just have a day

just a little break 

from the troubles of the world

its just us against the world

 i just want to feel your love

wanna feel your touch 

right when i wake up 

wish we’d do this everyday

Your Love





My grandpa has Alzheimer’s so he has no idea who my grandma is but everyday for the last three or four months he brings her in flowers from their garden and asks her to run away with him and be his wife and everyday she says she already is and everyday the smile my grandpa gets on his face is the most beautiful heartfelt thing I have ever seen.

How was I supposed to not reblog this

that’s so fucking cute I want to cry.

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If you cant believe 

lets make believe 

the way you got me 

i dont wanna leave 

but i cannot force myself to stay

i think its best we go our separate ways

cuz time dont wanna be on our side

ive spent hours counting minutes of pride 

 i dont wanna lay up and cryyy 

 already had enough sleepless nights 


i dont wanna lie 

i dont wanna cry 

no more bonnie 

no more clyde

i just wanna move on with my life 

i just wanna move on move on \



i know i gave the wrong impression

 i dont wanna put up stressin

i just rather be alone , be alone


Life be Fukin with me tho , how everything went from feeling like heaven to this stupid ass fight :(( ugh and the fact that its seriously my fault again makes me so angry at myself , I hate fighting with him and I’m trying to fix things but how the fuck do I fix it . Every word I speak turns it even worse . Smfh what the fuck. I feel like I jinxed myself with writing my last private post :(

Dear Willie

Am I dreaming? Or is this really reality ? Are  you really loving me now?  :]   I can’t believe you’re mine. And I am yours. The way I feel for you is crazier than my words can say but just know that I want to be the woman of your dreams, your partner, your other half , your best friend, and everything a real man deserves. I know we are gonna have plenty more of our stupid arguments and disagreements but  I will always let my pride fall when I know I am wrong and will run back into your arms because no fight is greater than my love for you. I’ve never felt love like this before , and it only feels right to call you the love my lifeeeee <333 I know I sound corny as hell lol but I really mean it when I say I fall more in love with you every passing day . I didn’t even think it was possible but you surprise me all the time. I just want this to last, I want to grow by your side , I want to laugh with you til we’re old and wrinkly but still cute. The whole 9 . Because from here, there’s no going back. If you are to ever leave me, I will be scarred forever. There’s no topping our love . There’s no nigga comin close to how I feel with you . He can have all the money in the world , the hottest body and face, but their entire character will never equal to you. And that’s why I love you. That’s how I know I was meant to be in your arms. We don’t have to go anywhere or do anything at all , because just being in your presence brings my soul to life and I know that where I am is where I have waited to be . In the arms of my King. My baby.  My true love . My Willie <3

Blows my mind

It blows my mind that you love me.

Inside. Outside. All of me.


The fact that Willie offered to take me to visit my brothers grave on his anniversary tomorrow is the sweetest thing he could do for me . I love him so much more for that because it means so much to me

I’m so excited for this summer . Me and my baby gonna have so much funnn and I can’t wait . He says he’s gonna take me camping and all i could do til then is smile like an idiot daydreaming about how special it’s gna be 😁😁😁😁😁😁 and we can go to waterparks and rollercoaster and pools and ahhhh it’s gna be paradiseeee !!! I need to behave myself so that I never lose this amazing man . He took such good care of me last night even after I messed up and he was angry with me but he put his pride aside and forgave me and then helped me stay up in my worst of pains . I love him yo . It’s weird that he asked em today if he’s the love of my life or I just love him …. And I have to say he is the love of my life because I have never had such a strong relationship and connection to anybody else and I’ve only had one other person that I considered my first love but after Willie , he’s starting to look like just an obsession I had . What i have now is much much more than my words can explain . It’s real . It’s full of struggle yet so much more full of love and happiness , he s made me grow and I’m gonna keep on growing by his side . Lol , it’s crazy . There’s no turning back from here . He’s my perfectly imperfect beautiful fairy tale . You have my heart and soul Willie

It’s gettin real

It’s funny how I stay posting up about how much I love this guy and how I see us growing and living together and all of these dreams , now it’s like becoming more and more real and I can’t believe it . Like this is it . This is my man . This is my love and we have begun this new journey together . It feels so surreal . My long years of single and reckless life has ended right before my eyes and in a year and a half I have changed in more ways then I can count on my hands . I have this wonderful man that I can’t get enough of and it’s only going to get better and more unreal from here . Wow . Thank you universe.

He says he owns me and what’s crazy is that he really does